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4-week guide to localization:
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Our 4-week guide to localization is a free email course tailored for anyone aspiring to get into the localization industry. Subscribers will receive one short email every weekday for four weeks.

This email course is your gateway to understanding the basics of localization and the career paths it offers.

Gaining a solid grasp of localization concepts, industry tools, and the distinct roles within the field means you’re well-prepared to shape your professional future. This knowledge allows you to concentrate on the most important aspects of localization and tailor a career that aligns with your aspirations.

This localization course will give you the necessary overview of the industry and its various job roles, so you can kickstart your career.

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Week 1


Welcome to Introduction To Localization

Lesson 1

Unveiling Localization: What It Is and Why It Matters

Lesson 2

Translation vs. Localization: Knowing the Difference

Lesson 3

The Localization Process: From Content Extraction to Integration

Lesson 4

In-House vs. Outsourcing: Localization Strategies Uncovered

Week 2

Lesson 5

CAT Tools and Translation Memory: The Tech Behind the Scenes

Lesson 6

Translation Management Systems: Organizing for Success

Lesson 7

Machine Translation and Post-Editing: Balancing Speed and Precision

Lesson 8

The Various Tools of the Trade in Localization

Lesson 9

The Fundamentals of Linguists in Localization

Week 3

Lesson 10

Project Management in Localization: Leading the Charge

Lesson 11

Localization Engineering: Technical Mastery in Practice

Lesson 12

Quality Assurance Testing: The Final Checkpoint

Lesson 13

Language Quality Management: Upholding High Standards

Lesson 14

Desktop Publishing: Maintaining Design Integrity

Week 4

Lesson 15

Vendor Management: Connecting Talent with Projects

Lesson 16

Sales and Account Management: Expanding Client Relationships

Lesson 17

Subtitling: Crossing Language Barriers in Media

Lesson 18

Voice-Over Artistry: Bringing Translated Content to Life

Lesson 19

Course Wrap-Up, Final Thoughts, and Next Steps

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